Yarn bombing

I’ve been a little obsessed with yarn bombing recently. As examples of simple beautification and of political agendas I think that you can’t really go wrong with a good “bombing.” Some of my favorites have been the more overtly political ones like this one of a pink yarned-out tanker.

But I also get really excited about seeing good yarn bombing in person like this one at the Urban Outfitters in San Francisco


Or this one in downtown Napa


For me, yarn bombing has the ability to cross the art and craft divide, but probably rarely does. Like the first example, yarn is used to soften and feminize a war machine raising questions of both gender and of the “necessity” of war. However, most of the yarn bombings people come across are simply done in humor and gaiety. They bring lightness and color to ordinary objects and beautify everything from signposts to trashcans to bus stops. Regardless of their purpose, I hope I get to see a few more yarn bombings.


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